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PGA Tour Tee-Up Power 10" x 5" Launch Pad Golf Tee with Black Rubber Tees

Tee Up Power Launch Pad Golf Tee Set 

Special Features:

  • One 10"x5" Length Golf Tee Pad and Two 2"Diameter X 1.5" Height Rubber Tees
  • Elevates ball off ground to strike ball easily
  • Great for indoor and outdoor play on many surfaces
  • White Arrows improve club and target alignment

    PGA TOUR Tee Up Power Launch 3 piece Golf Tee set includes a Tee Pad 10" in Length & Two 2" Black Rubber Tees. The rubber tee elevates the ball to an optimum height to strike the ball accurately. Proceeds from every Golf Gen purchase benefit The First Tee, a nonprofit organization teaching kids and teens how to play golf.

    Smiles with Every Swing

    What’s included:

    • One 10"x5" Length Golf Tee Pad
    • Two 2"Diameter x 1.5" Height Rubber Tees

    Play with Tee Up balls, foam balls and real golf balls